Saturday, December 08, 2007

Searches: Back alley butchers.

  • Hector Zavalos of Granite City, Illinois, performed the fatal abortion on Barbaralee Davis at Hope Clinic for Women in 1978, thus earning the dubious honor of becoming the first member of the newly-formed National Abortion Federation to kill a patient.

  • "Back-alley butchers"? Try Abortion Practice Before Legalization, The Bad Old Days of Abortion, Deadly Amateur Abortions, Deadly Illegal Abortions Performed by Doctors, Coathanger Abortions vs Safe-n-Legal Abortions, Pre-Roe Abortion Deaths, 1955 Planned Parenthood Abortion Conference - Legal Abortion in the US, and Doctors and the Back Alley Abortion.

  • Alberto Hodari is a hero to Medical Students for Choice. For those of you more enamored of women than of abortion, see "back alley butchers" above. Hodari seems to qualify.
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