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  • Wanda S. sued San Vicente Hospital after her abortion (scroll down): The abortion was performed by Christopher Dotson November 28, 1973. The pre-op exam showed a normal size uterus despite a patient history suggesting a 10 week pregnancy. The pathologist failed to notify Dotson of a lack of chorionic villi in the specimen. Wanda was re-admitted to San Vicente for emergency surgery on December 11: "At the time of injury I awoke with the sensation of excruciating pain. The pain seemed like an explosion in my body. There was an extreme loss of blood. I had to drag myself to the door for help. Then it became much more severe, with a hard, sharp stabbing feeling. This pain caused me to lose consciousness every few minutes. .... I suffered extreme mental anguish when the medical personnel at the hospital said I was dying." Wanda also described the aftereffects: "Some times I have hard, sharp pains in my sides and vaginal tract a few days before my monthly period. Also, I have a noticeable scar at the pit of my stomach and that protrudes forward so as it can be seen under my clothing. The scar still has an itching sensation. At times there is pain in and around the incision." (LA County Superior Court Case No. C91104)

  • These women ended up with amputations as a result of their abortions, ranging from the loss of fingers to the loss of limbs.

  • The family of 13-year-old Cynthia sued The Facility Formerly Known as Prince after her abortion (scroll down): On April 28 or 30, 1973, Cynthia sought pregnancy counseling at Inglewood. The defendants "recommended that her said pregnancy be terminated and that they be authorized to perform the recommended abortion." Cynthia's abortion was performed by none other than Leo Kenneally. John Dupont indicated he was summoned by Morton Barke to assess Cynthia after Kenneally had finished the abortion. He "found she was grossly jaundiced and was suffering from a severe infection," and he had her transferred to Cedars of Lebanon Hospital. Upon admission Cynthia was "very jaundiced." She suffered post abortal clostridia sepsis, diffuse intravascular coagulation, and acute tubular necrosis. "Some necrotic material was found in the uterus, draining of the cul-de-sac revealed pus, and the uterus was found to be quite involved by a suppurative process as were the tubes and ovaries. The plaintiff also suffered acute renal failure." The suit also noted that Cynthia "has suffered severe emotional, nervous, mental and psychological shock resulting from the complete abdominal hysterectomy, and demonstrated by prolonged periods of depression and lethargy." Cynthia was further treated at a hospital April 30 - May 22. The suit also noted the "possibility of future kidney and liver complications." Cynthia must take medications for remainder of her life, and suffered scars on her abdomen and arms. (LA County Superior Court Case No. SWC30375)

  • Rosa Naperstek-Taft, a Chicago-area attorney, was very politically active in championing legal abortion. She and her friends had actually celebrated the night before her abortion, because she was the first among them to have one of the new safe-n-legal abortions instead of the old-fashioned illegal kind. She certainly got to reap what she'd sown. Rosa said that she screamed in pain during the abortion, and a staffer responded by stuffing a tampon in her mouth. The abortion was so badly botched that Rosa lost all her reproductive organs and her spleen. She had to undergo a colostomy and tracheotomy, and suffered damage to her heart, lungs, kidneys, and vocal cords. She was hospitalized for eight months, with three of those months spent in intensive care. After her injuries were repaired, Rosa had to undergo intensive therapy to learn to walk and talk again. Rosa said, "I don't have my normal body. My abdomen looks like a sky map of the Grand Canyon. ... My voice is totally changed, and I have a lot of psychological scars that will be with me forever." (Chicago Sun-Times 11-15-78; Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 73 250 920 CM)

  • Diana S. filed suit after her abortion, performed by Dr. Rebecca Stanley on May 20, 1989. Diana was in great pain and was bleeding heavily. Dr. Stanley repeated the procedure with ovum extractors. By the end of the second procedure, Dr. Stanley "knew ... she had perforated the uterus." In spite of this injury, Dr. Stanley sent Diana home with her husband, telling them that the abortion had been successful and without complications. To make a long story short, Dianna ended up in the hospital. Dr. Stanley had ripped a 4-cm tear into the back of Diana's uterus and shoved the head and chest of the fetus through the tear into Diana's abdomin. Dr. Stanley had also torn away the tissue covering Diana's sacral bone. Stanley had also managed to tear out about 10 cm of Diana's right ureter, clear up to the bottom of her kidney. Doctors had to implant tubes through Diana's abdominal wall to drain her kidneys directly. As of the time the documents were filed, it was still unclear whether or not doctors would be able to salvage Diana's damaged kidney. In order to prevent any future pregnancies, which would be life-threatening due to the extreme damage done to Diana's uterus, Diana had to have a hysterectomy. She was left with a 1-inch-wide scar running from her sternum to her pubic bone. (LA County Superior Court Case No. KC000309, Medical Board Case No. D-4249)

    It's not always the mothers that end up with the scarring:

  • Abortion provider Enrique Gerbi performed an abortion on Ruth Ann S. October 3, 1984. Saline was injected into Ruth Ann's uterus to kill the fetus. At 12:30 AM on October 4, Ruth Ann delivered a live infant girl, that she named Vanessa. Vanessa suffered brain damage, required heart surgery due to saline damage, and required surgery "to relieve hydrocephalic conditions produced by the result of the salt injection." The baby suffered blindness, mental retardation, severe scarring and burning of her feet, growth retardation, and "Lack of coordination, ambulation and other dysfunctions not yet manifest." (Wayne County Circuit Court Case No. 85-529757)

  • Baby Claire had her arm ripped off in an abortion attempt.

  • Gianna Jessen has cerebral palsy and surgical scars thanks to damage she suffered during a saline abortion intended to kill her.

  • Ana Rosa Rodriguez had her arm ripped off by a provider of vital reproductive health care services, who was trying to kill her. (The abortionist, Abu Hayat, was a member of the National Abortion Federation, and he had also performed the fatal abortion on Sophie McCoy.)

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