Friday, December 07, 2007

Searhes: Shelley Sella, fatal infection, and more

  • "shelley sella pregnancy consultation center"? I can guarantee you this: The consultation will result in an abortion. Sella is one of Teflon Tiller's staff of "No Fetus Can Beat Us!" abortionists at his Wichita late term abortion mill. Michelle Armesto reports that it was Sella who did her abortion, an abortion she was only doing under intense and unrelenting pressure from her family, an abortion in the third trimester. Armesto also reports that Sella falsely charted her fetus as "non-viable," evidenly in a so-far-successful ploy to go through a loophole in the Kansas law violating post-viability abortions.

  • "an abortion story when a woman died from infection". An abortion story when a woman died from infection? I have seventy-three here. I'm sure there are more that I don't know about.

  • "Tyrone Malloy" - I got the following email asking for information about him: "We are looking for anything on Dr. Tyrone Malloy. He is a late term abortion specialist and owns Old National GYN and is the Medical director and main abortionist at Atlanta Surgi Center. If anyone has anything on him please email me and please keep your ears open other wise. We have heard he has been doing illegal 2nd trimester abortions at his abortion clinic Old National in College Park." I got no responses.

  • "misdiagnosis of dwarfism": Sandi was told that her baby had a fatal form of dwarfism. When she refused abortion, her obstetrician refused to care for her any longer. The treatment team she ended up with met with her regularly to again try to persuade her to abort. Though her baby was small and born a bit early, she had no major health issues at all and is a healthy little girl.

  • Perforated bowel. A National Abortion Federation abortionist describes his "cross your fingers" method for dealing with bowel perforations. Then there was this case in Michigan, involving an illegal 28-week abortion performed by Dr. Jose Gilberto Higuera. Steve Brigham perforated a woman's bowel during an abortion performed in his New York office. Marcia L. suffered a perforated bowel during an abortion performed by Phillip Rand. Fatal, during an abortion: Moris Helen Herron and Sharon Hamptlon in California, Ellen Williams in Florida, Julie Roe in New York, Sharon Davis in New Mexico, and Jammie Garcia in Texas, off the top of my head.
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