Monday, December 17, 2007

Searches: Quacks and miracles

  • 13-week fetus. 18 week fetus.

  • Ruptured uterus. Fatal, during abortion: Jackie Bailey, saline abortion, Pacific Glen Hospital; Cheryl Tubbs, Pacific Glen Hospital; Serena Roe; Magdalena Rodriguez; Diana Lopez at Planned Parenthood; Lou Anne Herron under John Biskind's care; Gail Roe. Survived, during abortion: Laura A. at San Vicente Hospital (scroll down); Brittany, Nabil Ghali's practice in Ohio (scroll down); Rhonda B. (scroll down), during an abortion performed at the "Lime 5" clinic; Janet C. (scroll down) at the Inglewood abortion facility; Diana S., under the care of Rebecca Stanley; Mindi at Moshe Hachamovitch's A - Z in Arizona.

  • Kris Humphrey died of a "safe" and "natural" pennyroyal abortion she'd decided to perform on herself in the name of "self determination".

  • Diane Boyd was a mentally disabled rape victim brought to National Abortion Federation member Reproductive Health Services for an abortion performed by Robert Crist. Diane died from drug interactions.

  • Herbal abortion teas, embraced by some women as natural and safe and gentle, are how Kris Humphrey and Penny Roe ended up killing themselves.

  • Abortion triggered fatal sickle cell crisis in Betty Hines, Margaret Davis, and Sheryl Roe, that I know of.

  • Sylvia Moore was shoved out the door to die after her safe and legal abortion on New Year's Eve of 1986.

  • Harvey Karman (pictured) was a self-styled "doctor" who managed to kill Joyce Johnson by doing an abortion on her with a nutcracker in a California motel room. This endeared him to abortion enthusiasts, who embraced his "menstrual extraction" method of very early abortion, and provided him with a busload of guinea pigs for his experimental "super coil" abortion method.

  • Abortion clinics in Kentucky

  • Miracle ectopic babies.

  • Hamid Hussain Sheikh was arrested in Kentucky for Medicaid fraud.

  • Abortion in the 1940's.
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