Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Early morning tears

I'm away from home, on business. Stuck in a hotel. A hotel without wi-fi, so I have to bring my laptop down to the business center and hook it up to a LAN line.

I was up late last night, as you can imagine. The desk clerk had to let me in to the office to access the LAN line. He had been greeted earlier by a chipper young woman quietly celebrating an Obama victory and assuming that he (who she addressed on a first-name basis) was sharing the celebration.

I blogged sadly, went to bed, slept poorly, and came down early this morning.

The desk guy greeted me with a smile and "Back early!"

I started crying and telling him about my friend, about how she'd been convinced by a counselor that she had to have the abortion, even though she didn't want it, to protect her other children from an ugly, threatening situation.

How when her baby was born alive in that clinic toilet she changed her mind and screamed for them to call 911 for her baby, but they wouldn't. How her friend called 911 but the staff sent the ambulance away. How staff waited until the baby was dead, then called 911 for police to remove the hysterical mother from the clinic.

I cried about how much it hurt, when Obama had voted four times against making clinic staff call an ambulance for babies like my friend's baby, to see him win. That I knew that these votes weren't the reason people had voted for him, that I knew that these votes weren't why people were celebrating. That they had other reasons. But that it still hurt so much, that the man who thought it was okay to let my friend's baby gasp out his last breath in an abortion clinic toilet was going to be our next President. That my friend had really had a rough time during the election, reliving her baby's death. That I was worried about her.

I rambled about the autopsy, about how the baby's lung tissue floated, proving he'd been born alive. How the law enforcement chose not to do anything because you couldn't prove he wouldn't have died of prematurity anyway. How there was another case in Florida where they'd put the baby in a biohazard bag and thrown her on the roof, and how they were maybe going to prosecute for that one. But it was iffy. I couldn't remember the mother's name or the baby's name or the details and I started searching for words. I started crying that it wasn't about race for us, or about anything but my friend's baby in the abortion clinic toilet and staff sending the ambulance away and Obama being okay with that.

The desk guy was shocked. He said things like, "That's crazy!" and "Where was this?" and "That's wrong!" and "I'm so sorry!" and "You get in touch with your friend! I hope she's okay!"

I know it's too little too late, to get one Obama supporter to understand that there are reasons other than race or warmongering or whatever else they think our motives are, to not want Obama elected. That for at least the people who love Angle, it's about whether or not it's okay to just wait for a baby to die, then toss his mother out the door.

Maybe, at least, among him and his friends, there will be some who don't demonize us for having hoped against all hope that Obama wouldn't become President.


Jim Jordan said...

George W. Bush had eight years and McCain his whole campaign to make that irrefutable argument you made to the receptionist, but they didn't. Vague niceties about a "culture of life" won't do it. The battle can only be won on the truth of what abortion is.

Our Republican leaders see the abortion issue as a way to "win votes", but not much more. Going soft on sin is deadly. The consequences are always worse than we imagine.

belinda said...

Can you pass me a kleenex?

Anonymous said...

Let's all rest and regoup.This feels like a set back may preset unseen opportunities. We have the March for Life. We have the Baby Shanice case. There is audio of some sort of testimony on the Operation Rescue site about another infanticide case.

There are standard of cleanliness issues for clinics. chiropractors masquerading as actual name runs amo in the abortion industry!If women WANT their right to "choose" they should be safe doing so. I know that is lame to most but hey...let's work across the aisles so to speak...(progress is progress...whatever we can get them to listen helps) and then let's also shove some reality in the face of our nations elected officials.

Somehow, some way, this will work out for good.

I had to have a big time smack down from God about my "choice" that's why I am here reading. The rest of the country can have one too.

God may be setting a stage for us...what looks like defeat or disappointment, may be a significant series of opportunities.

Have faith...we can be the champions of women and children...we CAN change things. It may sound hopelessly naive...but I believe this...with allllll of my heart.



Christina Dunigan said...

How ironic, Angele, that you're the one giving ME strength!

Has anybody heard from Ashli? How is she holding out?

Christina Dunigan said...

When I came back to the hotel after my training, there was an "OBAMA - YES WE CAN!" on the hotel message board.

I got my laptop in the business office, opened it to the WND article about Rowan, and showed it to the manager. "This is my friend's baby." I told her story. I told her that I realize that my friend's baby's death isn't the reason Obama supporters are so happy, but that it's still a slap in the face, when my friend is in so much pain, when I'm hurting for her so badly, to come in to a hotel where I just want some rest and get a celebration of that man's election as President. The man who voted four times to express his solidarity with the kinds of people who left my friend crying in a bathroom in an abortion clinic, begging for an ambulance for her baby.

"That's not right," she said, looking at Rowan's picture.

I'm shaking.

At the training, people were all happy about Obama. On FaceBook, my friends were all happy about Obama.

Happy that we elected a man who thinks justice was done for Rowan by letting him die in a toilet.

Unknown said...

Wow, Angele?? *The* Angele? Your story affected me so deeply...I cried for your Rowan. I was pregnant with my Rowan at the time...our boys were due within days of each other. Thank you thank you for sharing your story and your experience with all of us.

Grannygrump, I share your sorrow!! Take heart. "We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair; persecuted, but not abandoned; struck down, but not destroyed" 2 Cor 8.

Anonymous said...

Hi Elaine. So your son is named Rowan also? My Rowan was due on July 27th.

Actually I had two different due dates based on songrams but his real birth/death date was of course, April 2, 2005.

I'm sure your Rowan is a precious little sugarman!

I like that particular verse as well. It is comforting isn't it?


Christina Dunigan said...

Testing again to see if my notifiation glitch is fixed.