Monday, April 10, 2006

Good news out of South Dakota

Pine Ridge, SD ( -- A planned abortion business on an Indian reservation in South Dakota may be able to get around a state ban on abortions, but a former tribal judge says it would violate tribal law that respects the life of unborn children. Meanwhile, the tribal president behind the effort may be the subject of an impeachment attempt.

Oglala Sioux Tribal President Cecelia Fire Thunder has proposed the abortion facility in response to the abortion ban, but a retired tribal chief judge says tribal law would prevent it from being built.

Patrick Lee, a retired chief judge for the Oglala Sioux Tribe who now teaches tribal law at Oglala Lakota College, wrote an op-ed over the weekend to the Rapid City Journal.

"Life is sacred - the winged, two-legged, four-legged. You hear constant references to respect for life," Lee said. "Its the tribal law."

Lee told the Journal that Fire Thunder could press to change tribal law to allow for the abortion business but he indicated that the Native American tradition of respecting life would make it extraordinarily difficult.

Did you feel the earth move? That was the collective shudder of tens of thousands of New-Age crystal-wearers who thought Native Americans were hip and groovy and into all manner of "progressive" things. How dare they revere life that the New Agers don't revere?!
Lee pointed to a specific portion of tribal law code about juveniles that indicates the right to life of babies before birth is respected.

That's just basic common sense, not to mention basic human decency.
Meanwhile, Fire Thunder, who has been the subject to two unrelated attempts at impeaching her, may be the subject of a third try to remove her from office.

Evidently Ms. Fire Thunder is not exactly a sterling representative of her tribe.
Fire Thunder is a longtime abortion advocate and formerly worked at an abortion business in California. She's on the steering committee of the pro-abortion group hoping to defeat the ban at the polls.

Is that a surprise to anybody, that she's been an abortion-industry toady for years?
She originally planned to build the abortion business only if the attempt to defeat the ban failed. She told Indian Country Today that it will move ahead regardless.

She already has a name, too -- the Sacred Choices Clinic.

Well, that's about enough to make you puke. Who says that there aren't any people who worship abortion? At least this chick is up-front about it.
Planning for the abortion facility is already underway and she has put together volunteers to coordinate strategy, attorneys are drafting papers and looking at potential legal obstacles, Thunder explained.

Thunder has already raised $5,000 from pro-abortion activists across the country wanted to see the Indian abortion center succeed. She indicated she's received hundreds of emails in support.

Another finger-down-the-throat moment. Where does this enthusiasm for abortion come from? Wouldn't it be just as much fun, and cheaper, to breed mice in the basement and pull their little legs off? That way you'd get to actually see, hear, and feel the suffering of a small, helpless creature being killed instead of just enjoying it vicariously.

Oh, well. This may be an answered prayer, if the tribal law holds.

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