Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Gertrude Pinsky - Criminal Abortion Death

Gertrude Pinsky - Criminal Abortion Death: "Operating on a tip, police, accompanied by an ambulance, broke into
a private home at 2753 Sexton Place, in the Pelham section of the Bronx,
on April 4, 1954. There they found Gertrude Pinsky, age 35, dead from septic
poisoning from an illegal abortion.

Police arrested Florence Cavalluzzo, a resident of the home, and Hugo
Francese, an unlicensed physician. Later arrested were Jack M. Werner,
owner of Werner Surgical Supplies, and Ignatius Cavalluzzo, Florence Cavalluzzo's

Dr. Samuel E. Witt was charged with referring women to the abortion
ring, evidently run by Dr. Herbert S. Wolfe. Four doctors were charged
with referring women and receiving a $30 kickback for each referral: Joseph
F. Pacelli, Abraham Cohen, Kalman Molnar, and Poon Lim.

Francese and Florence Cavalluzzo were convicted of first-degree manslaughter
in Gertrude's death. A police detective, found at the home at the time
of the raid, was acquitted."

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