Friday, April 28, 2006

More info on murdered abortionist

This Week in Gang Land

Police are again investigating an unsolved murder for hire, possibly contracted by retired FBI agent R. Lindley DeVecchio. Former abortionist Eliezer "Eli" Shkolnik, 52, was shot to death December 3, 1980 in the vestibule of a building his parents owned. Shkolnik had been shot in the head, and his killer left behind $1500 in cash and Shkolnik's expensive gold jewelry. The former abortionist was evidently serving as an informant in an IRS investigation into gangland activities.

Shkolnik's license had been revoked in 1976 due to conditions at his Central Women's Center. Health officials closed the facility due to allegations of flies in the operating rooms, soiled and blood-stained equipment, dirty oxygen masks and unclean recovery rooms.

Shkolnik either re-opened his facility or he had another one. Lili Dajani, a former beauty queen, had been Shkolnik's business partner and had worked as a nurse/receptionist at an abortion clinic Shkolnik had run, both before and after he'd lost his license. The two of them became lovers, and at some point, Shkolnik had transferred full ownership of the clinic to Dajani.

Dajani was also having an affair with gang boss Gregory "The Grim Reaper" Scarpa. There was evidently some sort of financial tug-of-war over the abortion clinic as well as jealousy over Dajani.

Some time before the murder, Shkolnik, and Shkolnik had moved in with his parents. Shkolnik spoke on the phone with his son, saying, “I’m finally going to get the business back.”

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