Monday, April 24, 2006

From Life News - Abortion poll results

A new CBS News poll has again found that more Americans take a pro-life than pro-abortion view on the issue of abortion. Asked about their personal feeling on abortion, 47 percent took a pro-life position opposing all or most abortions. Some 33 percent said abortion should only be legal in the rare cases of saving the mother's life or rape and incest while 14 percent said it should only be legal to save the mother's life.

Meanwhile, 46 percent took a pro-abortion position saying abortion should always be legal (29 percent) or be permitted but subject to greater restrictions than it is now (17 percent).

What I wanna know is, did these people know exactly how available abortion currently is? Did that 29 percent know that abortions are legal on-demand through the second trimester, and for varying indications after that? Or were these folks who think that abortion is only legal on-demand for the first trimester and for varying indications afterward? So are they really supporting the status quo, or are they supporting what the MSM presents the status quo as being?

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