Friday, April 28, 2006

Anybody want to organize a donation campaign?

Downi Creations: These beautiful dolls can be used to educate people about Down Syndrome. Downi Creations is asking for donations so that these dolls can be donated to families with a child with Down Syndrome, or so that the dolls can be provided to medical professionals or schools.

Personally, I'd like to have one of these dolls in the arms of somebody outside every abortion clinic in America, so that women considering abortion of a child with Down Syndrome can be given a preview. Not to mention every CPC in America should have one.

Band of Angels also sells products celebrating the special beauty of children with Down Syndrome. I'd like for there to be a selection of products in every CPC and in the hands of sidewalk counselors. Band of Angels requests donations to give a packet to parents who've just learned that their child has Down Syndrome.

Band of Angels also sells beautiful developmental milestones books specific to children with Down Syndrome, with a boy version and girl version. And though they're out of stock right now, they also carry a line of baby announcement cards specific to a boy or a girl with Down Syndrome.

Please consider supporting one of these fine organizations. When I get back to Korea, I'll start a challenge to see if we can get these products into CPCs and outside the abortion mills.

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