Saturday, April 08, 2006

A reminder of why people in the know hate Planned Parenthood

Far Right-Wing Minded: Planned Parenthood Offers Teens Defective Condoms
Abortion provider Planned Parenthood distributes defective condoms to young people. Consumers Reports magazine found that Planned Parenthood brand condoms was the worst performer among 23 different kinds of condoms tested.

Of course, the condoms are billed to the taxpayer at an exorbitant cost. When they fail, PP bills the taxpayers for the pregnancy tests and abortion. Then they send the girl out with another bagful of defective condoms and a scolding to use them correctly next time. (Blame the victim.)

And if kids are buying more effective condoms at the drugstore, PP offers their friends movie tickets to get them to come in and pick up a bag of defective condoms.

All at taxpayer expense.

And people wonder why we hate PP.

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