Sunday, April 09, 2006

Good news for a mom and baby, bad news for some people

Mom given means to choose life
Heidi found herself pregnant, scared and alone. An abortion seemed the only way out.

Then she found the Option line website. Heidi realized she wasn't alone, that she had life-saving options and there was someone out there who cared. Heidi made an appointment and chose life for her baby!

Of course, this sort of thing is such a blow to the pro-choice movement that Rep. Carolyn Maloney even has the backing of the ACLU in trying to stop it from happening.

What kind of people can look at that mom and her baby, and gnash their teeth in absolute fury that "choice" lost again? Who can look at that mom and her baby, and lament?

What is the world coming to, where there's an entire social and political movement comprised of people who can see the birth of a beloved child as an unacceptable blow to "freedom"?

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