Monday, April 03, 2006

Anniversary: Claudia's Abortion Nightmare

A suit by patient Claudia N. alleged that Max Gaujean initiated a saline abortion on her at at Polyclinic Hospital April 3, 1976.

In the course of his treatment of her she suffered perforation of her uterus.

She also endured surgical laceration of her vagina, bladder, intestines, and surrounding area. This caused abdominal bleeding which Gaujean failed to control.

Claudia developed abdominal abscesses and infection which Gaujean failed to control. Claudia charged also that Gaujean failed to inject the saline in such a way as to cause expulsion of the fetus. She also faulted Gaujean with lack of informed consent.

Max Gaujean is the abortionist who performed the fatal abortion on Robin Wells.

Of course, Rep. Carolyn Maloney would say that she's just very glad that Claudia and Robin didn't go to talk to prolifers! Now that would have been an unacceptable tragedy! Lack of informed consent, being subjected to a dangerous and obsolete abortion technique? No big deal. Promised a safe, legal, abortion, but overdosed on anesthesia and allowed to die, leaving three children motherless? No big deal. I mean, it's not as if Gaujean showed Claudia or Robin a picture of a fetus. Now that would have been unacceptable! That would have been cause for federal legislation!

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