Friday, April 14, 2006

Obsessed with fetuses, indifferent to the already-born?

Check out Pro-Life Blogs and look at the sidebar. Check out the issues pro-life bloggers address. As of the time of this entry, the articles in the aggregator address:
  1. Child pornography
  2. Coverage of women's abortion experiences
  3. Popular culture versus "The Passion" (Okay, the prolife bloggers do tend to be Christians...)
  4. A cord blood bank
  5. Easter (I wonder -- do we have a higher-than-average number of religious entries during Holy Week?)
  6. A political campaign stop that doesn't say why the blogger likes this particular candidate
  7. The ACLU trying to help a radical Muslim gain admission to the US
  8. My blog entry on Isobel Ferguson's death
  9. The high rate of mutilation and suicide among Goths
  10. A self-exploration exercise
  11. A pro-life speaker addressing a largely hostile crowd
  12. The rebirth of school segregation
  13. Captured rebels in Chad
  14. Why it's called "Good" Friday (Again lots of religious entries, but then it's one of the top three Holy Days of the Christian calendar)
  15. A rant about George Bush and illegal immigration
  16. Another entry about Good Friday
  17. Arab insurgents in Chad
  18. Atrocities in Darfur
  19. UN staff being evacuated from Chad
  20. Cambodia sending soldiers to Sudan

So, that's
  • 2 on born children -- 1 on child sexual abuse, 1 on Goths
  • 2 on abortion -- both focused on women, not fetuses
  • 4 on Good Friday, which is today, which is one of the three holiest days of the Christian calendar
  • 1 on non-embryonic stem-cell research
  • 4 on political issues -- 1 a political campaign, 1 on homeland security and the ACLU, 1 on school segregation, 1 on illegal immigration
  • 1 self-exploration exercise
  • 1 about a pro-life speaker facing hostility
  • 5 about fighting and human-rights abuses in Africa

We're hardly obsessing with fetuses. I even keep a separate blog for addressing other issues.

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