Sunday, April 23, 2006

What Media Bias?

Choose Life License Plate Production Halted

Here's how they cover a court decision to block production of plates that say, "Choose Life":
A federal appeals court decision will delay Tennessee’s production of an anti-choice specialty license plate while the American Civil Liberties Union seeks U.S. Supreme Court review of a ruling upholding the plate as constitutional.

Since when is suggesting one of a pair of options anti choice? When you don't consider that option to be an acceptable choice, I guess.

The story also said that abortion advocates tried unsuccessfully to get their own plate, but doesn't explain why their bids were rejected. Does anybody know? Since states love specialty plates -- they generate revenue -- the abortion advocates would have to have been breaking the specialty plate rules in some way, perhaps by putting the funding toward something political.

In fact, I don't know that anybody has managed to come up with an abortion-advocacy plate to challenge the "Choose Life" plates in any state. Is the problem that they can't come up with anything pithy that sums up their stand? Choose Choice? Nonsensical. Choose Abortion? Yeah, it's what they mean, but they can't come right out and say it. Protect Choice? Why not? Have the money go to some fund to pay for abortions.

Why can't they manage to get a plate through?

I think it's because they're more interested in silencing the message "Choose Life" than they are in putting forth their own message, because they know that "Choose Life" will win in the public mind every time.

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