Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anybody in Maloney's district wanna ask for clarification?

Phoenix, AZ (LifeNews.com) -- A pro-life television campaign aimed at helping women find practical help and solutions is getting proven results. ....

VirtueMedia, an Arizona based nonprofit... launched a major television campaign in eight cities during Fall 2005 and January 2006.

The ads... feature women from a variety of backgrounds discussing their fears about an unplanned pregnancy. They direct women to the 1-800-395-HELP phone number, which connects the caller to Option Line, a telephone counseling service run by Care Net and Heartbeat International.

The counselors direct callers to local crisis pregnancy centers.

A $20,000 campaign in Atlanta generated 2,646 calls to the toll-free phone number from pregnant women needing help. Atlanta Care Center, a Care Net affiliate, assisted some of the nearly 3,000 women responding to the campaign.

That's $7.56 to reach each woman that the sponsors of this prorgam know they've helped. We can only guess at how many were encouraged and found ways to avoid abortion on their own, just by getting the message that it was possible.
"The majority of clients who visited our office found us by calling the number on the TV commercial," center director Jason Phillips explains. "Most of these women were abortion-vulnerable prior to the visit."

One woman who visited the center after seeing the television ad and calling the number, decided against having an abortion. She said seeing an ultrasound at the Atlanta Care Center changed her life.

"To see the baby's feet, scratching his head, with his little legs crossed" the pregnant woman said. "I knew I was only being selfish and scared. I couldn't get an abortion. It was unthinkable no matter how much struggling was ahead."

The "Physicians' Campaign Against Abortion" in the late 19th Century likewise focused on educating the abortion-minded woman of the humanity of her unborn child. Even Leslie Reagan, an avid abortion-supporter and subscriber to the Pavlovian-dog theory that women just reflexively and relentlessly pursue abortion once the idea enters their heads, noted in her well-researched book, When Abortion Was a Crime that this campaign was highly successful. (Why is it that people who say they favor "choice" are so opposed to anybody actually providing a woman with this information? What kind of value can there be in a choice that's made in the dark? Why the Monty Hall, "Guess what's behind Door Number 1" approach to one of the most profound and life-altering decisions a woman can ever make?)

VirtueMedia and Georgia Right to Life started a campaign in DeKalb and Fulton counties, where most of the abortions occur in the state, three years ago. According to health officials, abortions performed in Georgia in 2004 fell 5.3 percent from 2003.

I would hesitate to lay the entire credit on the ads, though. What were the trends before the ads started? We don't want to fall into the "correlation equals causality" thinking that has abortion advocates claiming credit for a fall in maternal mortality that had begun fifty years before the first states started legalizing!
The group also produces commercials helping women after an abortion and encouraging teens to commit to abstinence before marriage.

I bet those ads are a great hit with Planned Parenthood public-relations and fiscal employees! A nation of chaste teenagers would put Planned Parenthood into the bin with the buggy whip. The horror!
Its Silent No More, post abortion healing campaign garnered 5,043 additional inquiries when it aired in Detroit this past fall. After VirtueMedia aired abstinence ads on MTV and BET, the abstinence website recorded 24,000 inquiries in a matter of days.

Chaste teenagers! Nooooooooo!!!!!!!!

The horror.

You can see the ads online at Virtue Media.

Question to supporters of Rep. Maloney's "CPCs are the pinnacle of evil" legislation: Do these ads meet with your approval? May we run some more, please?

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