Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Question for prochoicers about how reliable a source is

Some Doctors Voice Worry Over Abortion Pills' Safety - New York Times
Dr. Cynthia Summers, a spokeswoman for Mifeprex's manufacturer, Danco Laboratories, said a comparison of the risks of medical and surgical abortion was unfair because, she said, reports of problems with surgical procedures were poorly collected.

Now, this woman is saying something prolifers have been saying for years: That we don't have any reliable data on the risks of surgical abortion.

But prolifers are a bunch of liars. Nothing we say is true.

So if she's saying something we say, she must be a liar, right?

But, she's speaking in defense of the abortion drugs, saying that they're okay. And prochoice sources are reliable, right?

When you get a prochoice source saying something prolifers have been saying for years, how do you decide if you're going to believe the prochoicer or not? Do you cling to the "If prolifers say it, it's gotta be false"? Or to the "Prochoicers care about women and always tell the truth"?

That's gotta be a stickler for people who sort the veracity of statements based on who says it.

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