Tuesday, April 25, 2006

PP verified as source of "Evil CPC" story

violettak at progressiveU blogged that she got the story from PP, and she links to a PP generate-an-outraged-email site.

I used their outraged email template to send the following message instead of the one they provide:

Stop Planned Parenthood from Deceiving Women

Planned Parenthood is currently spearheading a deceptive campaign to generate alarm against prolife pregnancy centers.

Meanwhile, PP ignores the deaths of women in their own facilities:


-- Diana Lopez, age 25, was 19 weeks pregnant when she went to a Planned Parenthood for an abortion on February 28, 2002. Before the day was over, Diana had bled to death.

-- Holly Patterson, age 18, died September 17, 2003, from sepsis caused by a fetus incompletely expelled in a chemical abortion. Holly got the drugs for the fatal abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Hayward, California, on September 10.

-- Vivian Tran was 22 years old, and died December 29, 2003, six days into the abortion process. She'd been given abortion drugs on December 23 at the Costa Mesa Planned Parenthood facility.

-- Twenty-two-year-old Nicole Williams was the third patient known to have died of abortion complications under the dubious care of Dr. Robert Crist. The others were Latachie Veal and Diane Boyd. Nichole submitted to an abortion at a National Abortion Federation member facility operated by Planned Parenthood.

We need to start holding Planned Parenthood accountable for the lies they tell and the women they kill.

Either their auto-mailer will send out the email for me, or the person who screens them for content will be exposed to something I bet he or she had never considered before: The idea that not all is sweetness and light at PP.

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