Friday, April 14, 2006

Recommended reading

As I've been blogging, I've noticed the low, low prices on many of the books on my recommended reading list. For those of you who don't have them in your library, this might be a good time to add them. Just click on the links in my sidebar to be taken directly to that book's page on

Lime 5 has a current best price of just under $2. The chapters on the CDC, abortion practice, and barriers to women seeking compensation are particularly good.

In Necessity and Sorrow has a current best price of just over $2. This is one of the best inside looks at abortion practice I've ever read. Yes, it's old, but nothing has really changed except that the saline wards are gone. For those of you looking for a prochoicer's observations, this is a great buy.

Won by Love is the story of how Norma McCorvey, the "Jane Roe" of Roe vs. Wade, became a Christian and a prolifer. This is great for prolifers wanting to know how to reach out to abortion workers.

Abortion Rites has a best price of just under $3, and is a great look at the history of abortion in America. This one is from a prolife author.

Though Aborting America is a bit costly compared to the others, it's still a great buy. It was written while Nathanson was in transition, and it's a solid look behind the scenes in the abortion advocacy movement.

All the Trouble in the World is insightful and hilarious, and is available for little more than the shipping cost.

Having Your Baby When Others Say No has a best price of less than $1. This is a great resource for CPCs or for somebody with Americans On Call. It's also a good look at the pressure women are under to abort.

A Private Choice has a best price of just under $1. Though it's old, it has great analyses of Supreme Court decisions.

Before the Shooting Begins has a best price of just over $1. Hunter's analysis of the series of polls on what Americans really think on abortion is vital for understanding public sentiment.

The Scarlet Lady, with a best price of just over $1, is Carol Everett's story of how she became an abortion clinic owner, and her conversion to Christianity and the pro-life cause.

Making Abortion Rare, with a current best price of just under $2, is David Reardon's analysis of things we can do to help women to avoid unwanted abortions.

The American Way of Death, with a current best price of less than $1, is a classic. Jessica Mitford did an expose of the American funeral industry. Her observations are valid for the abortion industry in many ways as well. (Not for the squeamish! She looks into the embalming room as well as the casket viewing room.)

I heartily recommend all the books on my Recommended Reading list -- which is why, of course, they're recommended -- but here's a chance to get these books all at once, in one place, for so low a price.

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