Friday, April 28, 2006

Somebody was looking for Ester Pimentel

Ester Pimentel was one of the physicians sued for standing around doing nothing while Diane Watson went into cardio-respiratory arrest during an abortion.

Pimentel and her husband, Henry, were arraigned on charges of allowing a non-physician to practice medicine on public aid patients. A former employee also said that Henry Pimentel would perform surgery but sign it off as being performed by Ester for billing to public aid, including 7 abortions performed while Ester was in the Philippines. (Channel 5 News at Ten WMAQ-TV Chicago, 1989; Chicago Tribune 7-28-90, 2-8-91)
The Illinois Department of Professional Licensing has disciplinary actions on file against both Ester and Henry. Esther was put on probation in 1994 for "Alleged fraudulent billing and lack of quality of care rendered." Henry's license was suspended in 1991 for "Performed several operations in which he signed another doctor's name to the Public Aid forms because, at that time, he was not eligible to participate in the Medical Assistance Program. In addition, for approximately seven Years, he prescribed controlled substances on a non-renewed license. On May 11, 1990, he pleaded guilty to vendor fraud in Cook County." His license was restored on probation in 1994.

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