Sunday, April 09, 2006

Naaman & co., I need you!

I'm thoroughly demoralized today.

Part of it is L's unflagging enthusiasm for Planned Parenthood, and her hopes that -- to judge by her comments -- her daughter will be a customer soon and often. (What kind of parent would wish THAT on their kid! Why not just look up sex offenders on the internet and instruct your kid to go ask to use their phone?)

Part of it is the deterioration of the media coverage of Christin Gilbert's death. It's turned from, "Gosh, it's tragic, this poor young woman is dead!" to "Why is everybody picking on poor George Tiller over some dead retardate? It's not like he hurt anybody or anything!"

Part of it is the whole South Dakota thing, with abortion-lovers coming out of the woodwork, shaking in their shoes at the idea that there might be one pocket of America with no shredded fetuses and weeping mothers.

Part of it is the NYT's new puff-piece for criminal abortionists in San Salvador. Why, of all human behaviors, are there so many people who select abortion as the one most worthy of perpetuating and preserving?

Naaman, you're Catholic. What's that in the Book of Maccabes (sp?) about how the people will call evil good and their unbridled enthusiasm for all things ungodly?

I need my faith in humanity restored. I'm starting to feel like maybe we ought to just round up all the abortion enthusiasts, give them their own country (could we fit them all in New York?) and let them happily ream each other out until they're all dead of hemorrhage and sepsis, then use the place as a landfill to cover up the bodies. Okay, the men would have to die of STDs, since they can't experience the joys of abortion complications firsthand, but given the kind of life abortion enthusiasts seem to want to live, they'd be bound to die out in a couple of generations.

Why, why, why are some people so enamored of abortion that the idea of a place where nobody resorts to it sends them into a frenzy?

(And I know -- they talk about prevention, prevention, prevention, but they fight tooth-and-nail against anything that's actually been shown to reduce the incidence of abortion so obviously that's just so much hot air.)

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