Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Call for information on Tyrone Malloy

An email was forwarded to me with a request for information:
We are looking for anything on Dr. Tyrone Malloy. He is a late term abortion specialist and owns Old National GYN and is the Medical director and main abortionist at Atlanta Surgi Center. If anyone has anything on him please email me and please keep your ears open other wise. We have heard he has been doing illegal 2nd trimester abortions at his abortion clinic Old National in College Park. BTW, all 2nd trimester abortions are illegal unless they are done in a licensed ambulatory surgical center. About half of all abortions performed in the State of Georgia and performed in unlicensed facilities! They also are not subject to the new Women's Right to Know Bill! Only licensed ones are, how's that for making your blood boil?

I have nothing in my files about Malloy, but plenty on Atlanta Surgi Center. Catherine Pierce underwent her fatal abortion there in 1989. It's a National Abortion Federation facility.

State officials alleged "serious problems" after Catherine Peirce was injured. They cited the facility for administering the same anesthesia dosages to patients whose weights ranges from 107 to 167 pounds, inadequate record keeping, and inadequate supervision of patients. A news article states that after the state raided the facility to seize records, Atlanta Surgi-Center alleged the raid was "political harassment" due to the fact that an anti-abortion activist had complained to the state about the facility. But the facility had failed to file appropriate state-mandated documents after Catherine's cardiac arrest, and staff admitted to refusing to allow investigators to access files. The staff said that this was because the officials had only showed their badges and did not have a subpoena at the time.

The articles also say that an investigation found discrepancies between the number of fetuses sent to the disposal lab and the number of abortions. For example, in 1989 Atlanta Surgi-Center sent 155 fetuses to be legally disposed of, but did 1748 abortions; in 1988 sent 301 fetuses of 2774 abortions, and in 1987 sent 306 fetuses for 1104 abortion. The investigation into fetal disposal had been initiated after pro-lifers claimed to have seen hundreds of fetuses in dumpsters. (AP 9-20-89, 9-22-89; Atlanta Constitution 9-21-89)

I have nothing on Old National GYN.

The Georgia medical board site notes that there is a public board order on Malloy, but at this time it can't be accessed. His Physician Profile page, however, indicates that he was fined and reprimanded for "unprofessional conduct." Malloy allowed his Maryland license to expire in 1981.


Anonymous said...

Check out his RESEARCH CENTER. Soapstone he helped legalize RU486 by participating in clinical trials

Anonymous said...

According to Surgi's website, Malloy is on staff at Emory Medical School of Medicine where he helps trains the "fellows" in abortions services.

Christina Dunigan said...

These guys are really incorrigible.