Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Danco Data Massage

Abortion Drug RU 486 Likely More Dangerous Than FDA Numbers Suggest
How Danco does data massage when insisting that RU-486 is ever-so-safe:
They count these by the doses that are sold to clinics or doctors, not actually the number of women who have taken the pill and then they multiply those sales figures by a factor of three because a lot of these people are changing the dose,' Dr. O'Bannon explained.

On the complication side of the equation, abortion practitioners don't normally treat the women who experience problems after the abortion. The women normally go to their primary doctor or an emergency room and may never mention the abortion.

On the plus side, though, Danco is familiar with data massage, and in defending their drug, they are pointing out the flaws in the current morbidity and mortality data collection system.

Maybe if the fans of chemical abortion and surgical abortion start slugging it out in the popular press, we'll start getting some accurate numbers.

Maybe Craig Fergusson's car will break down outside my house, too, and he'll realize I'm the girl of his dreams. I'd say both are about equally likely. But I can always dream.

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