Saturday, April 22, 2006

Disgusting anniversary: Ronald Tauber sex charges

April 22: Abortionist arrested for sexual assault on underage girl

On April 22, 1982, Dr. Ronald Tauber was arrested and charged with 'indecent exposure, assault with intent to commit kidnapping, and assault with intent to commit sexual penetration of a female minor in Birmingham, Michigan.'

Tauber admitted that on December 7, 1981, he 'engaged in masturbation in his car while children were exiting Cody High School.'

On July 14, 1980, Tauber allegedly kidnapped a girl under the age of 13, and while he had her in his car, 'did engage in sexual penetration with said victim.'

The Michigan medical board moved to revoke Tauber's license after his 1982 conviction on first degree criminal sexual assault and second degree sexual misconduct. Tauber had been charged on November 10 of 1981, and filed a motion of insanity on March 15 of 1982. Taube was to undergo an examination regarding the insanity claim, but after he was arrested the board dropped the proceedings against him because he would be incarcerated beyond the expiration of his license.

Other pervert abortionists include:

  • Milan D. Chepko: caught with pornographic videotapes involving children as young as four years old.
  • Richard Ragsdale: Caught with pornographic photos of foster daughter
  • George Elliot Kabacy: former Planned Parenthood and Lovejoy Surgicenter aboritonist pleaded guilty to child pornography charges - including bestiality and bondage
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