Friday, April 14, 2006

Stacking the deck!

Planned Parenthood has an online survey that simply assumes that you share their goals. No doubt it will then be used as proof that everybody shares their views.

1. What do you think are the two most important reproductive rights issues in the coming year? (Please select only two.)
- pharmacies refusing to fill birth control prescriptions or stock emergency contraception
-state abortion bans
-'fake' abortion clinics set up by anti-choice groups
-government funding for abstinence-only education programs in our schools
-the upcoming elections

I personally think that all of the above are great. The threats to reproductive freedom that concern me are:
- lack of informed consent for abortifacient contraceptives
- states that might codify abortionist-protection laws, like FOCA which come to think of it I consider a dangerous threat to reproductive freedom
- PP attacks of CPCs
- Organizations that push premature sexual activity for teens and lull them into a false sense of security about the risks of premature sexual activity; this leads the girls to an increased risk of STDs and abortion, and the damage that does to their reproductive system
- Yeah, the upcoming elections, but only in that abortion-industry toadies might get elected

2. There are many mechanisms to address abortion bans and anti-choice legislation. Which of these do you think are the most important? (Please select only two.)

This question assumes that I actually want people doing any of these thins on my behalf. I checked "other" for this question and told them, "I think you should protect women instead of abortionists for a change"
3. Which of the following have you done in the last year? (Check all that apply.)
X contributed money to a nonprofit organization/charity
- contributed money to a political party, candidate, or political action committee
X attended a fundraising event for an organization
X organized a fundraising event for an organization
X volunteered for a house of worship
X volunteered for an organization other than a house of worship
X sent an e-mail to a public official
X called or sent a letter to a public official
X wrote a letter to the editor
X signed a petition online or on the street
X attended a hearing, public meeting, march, or demonstration

Hey! A question I could answer, since they didn't ask me which of those means I was using on their behalf! I could also answer Question 4:
4. How did you get involved in the 2004 elections? (Check all that apply.)

After all, they didn't ask what I'd done to get abortion-industry toadies into office.
5. In the next year, I would most likely get involved in the Stand with the States Campaign to stop abortion bans and promote pro-choice policies by: (Check all that apply.)

Assuming I want to be an abortion-industry toady. No, thanks.

Then they got back to answers that assume I agree with them about everything:
5. In the next year, I would most likely get involved in the Stand with the States Campaign to stop abortion bans and promote pro-choice policies by: (Check all that apply.)

They asked for my URL, which I provided. Then we got to this loaded question:
8. Check the three words from the list below that you think are most descriptive of Planned Parenthood.
- Passionate
X Experienced
- Leader
- Innovative
- Nonpartisan
- Respected
- Strong
X Effective
- Trustworthy
- Expert
- Principled
X Pragmatic
- Committed
- Intellectual
- Empowering

And in the comments section I clarified my answers:
Clarification on Q8: I think PP is effective, experienced, and pragmatic, and that the organization uses its effectiveness, experience, and pragmatism to pursue its own ends. I think that given the choice between the needs of women and the needs of PP, PP will come first in your books every time. Women (and underage girls) would do well to remember Holly Patterson and Vivian Tran. And Diana Lopez. And Nichole Willilams. And Andrea Corey. And Sandra Kaiser.

And if you, reading this poll, don't know who those women and girls are, you don't know Planned Parenthood well enough to be working/volunteering for them.

Questions 9 - 15 were demographic and contact information, which I didn't bother to supply.

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