Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Kansas grand jury will be asked to choose. We all need to choose.

Who is the government there to protect?

Vulnerable women like Christin Gilbert?

Or politically-connected abortionists like George Tiller?

Justice for Christin isn't about mothers versus fetuses. It's about women versus abortionists. And for too long, the abortionists have been winning.

It's about time the tide was turned.

Our compassion should be for women like Christin, not for the quacks that kill them.

George Tiller is a member of the National Abortion Federation, a sort of abortionists' guild that promises women referrals to safe practitioners, but actually just refers them to NAF members -- who are often quacks with a history of fatal malpractice.

But Rep. Carolyn Maloney and other abortion-industry toadies are ignoring abortionists who kill the women who trust them, and are instead attacking the people who stand between women and the abortionists poised to profit from their personal crises.

Go here, right now, and tell your congresscritter that it's about time we stood up for women like Christin Gilbert, and started holding the National Abortion Federation's feet to the fire for their deception and lies.

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