Friday, April 28, 2006

Chula Vista abortionists update

Operation Rescue - Blog Archive - Two More Abortionists Leave Troubled CA Abortion Chain
Clinica Medica Para La Mujer De Hoy ... has lost two more abortionists, leaving her troubled abortion business struggling amid scandal and legal problems.

Convicted sexual predator and abortionist Laurence Reich permanently surrendered his license ... after the Board of Osteopathy filed charges against him for sexual misconduct with patients, conviction of crime, and gross negligence. ....

Troubled abortionist and drug addict John Ramon Rivera, Jr., voluntarily quit the abortion business after a Chula Vista pro-lifer befriended him and encouraged him to stop killing. ....


The former abortionists were replaced by George Flanigan, another abortionist with a history of malpractice and other accusations.

Other abortionists associated with the clinic over the years are likewise guilty of crimes and quackery. Read the entire story.

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