Monday, April 24, 2006

The real hate speech

My choice, His life: His life is worthless?

I'm cross-posting the entire entry, because I can't get Blogger to let me comment on the original post. I want people to be able to discuss this where they can read the whole thing. But do click and go see the picture of this precious little boy.
This is Holden, he is "deformed". He was born prematurly with IUGR (growth restriction) and has a minor cosmetic birth defect. During the pregnancy they thought he had chromosomal abnormalities as well. By the grace of God this turned out to be false, but I know how it feels to decide to parent an "abnormal" child.That is why reading the following nearly crushed me.

This mom goes on to quote one of the most blistering examples of true hate speech I've ever encountered:
I would never ever consider giving birth to something deformed.

Something? Excuse me! Holden and other disabled children are not things. How hateful can you get, to call somebody's child a "thing"!
(and if denied termination i would probably try to stab it to death or use other unsafe methods)

How much more hate can you have, than to prefer risk of serious self-injury to letting your own child live? Let's restate that: This woman hates disabled children so much that she would sooner risk serious injury herself than to allow one to survive to birth.
I frown upon anyone who does but i would not shun them for it. It IS a waste.

A waste! Who could look on a child and sneer that allowing the child to draw breath is a "waste"? Substitute "homosexual" for "deformed" and you can see exactly how full of hate this woman is for children who don't live up to her standards. Who set her up as judge, to decide which lives are a "waste" and which aren't?
All that energy and sustenance you put into it just so it can die?

Hello! Every single one of us dies eventually. Somebody in perfect health today could drop dead from an undiagnosed aneurism tomorrow (like a co-worker's husband did). A healthy child can develop meningitis. Can get hit by a car. Is it as "waste" to bring your child to term, love him, nurture him, only to lose him to crib death? After all, you put all that "energy and sustenance" into him, and he just died.
No, unless the fetii i concieve are perfect and will outlive me once born, i would not hesistate to terminate it.

Only perfection is good enough! Cleft lip? Death to you, Junior! Missing a finger, or have an extra toe? Death to you, Junior! How much must this woman hate the disabled, that only the "perfect" deserve to live?
(of course i would terminate it if i was not in the position to care for it too)

So even a presumably "perfect" baby would get snuffed if she "was not in the position to care for it." And since only perfect health is good enough, I'd bet only perfect "care" is good enough. "Well, it doesn't look like we could afford to send Junior to Harvard Medical School. He gets flushed."
If something happened to it later on AFTER it was born then i would care for it for aslong as i can.

Well, thank God for small favors! Once her kid's out the chute, she'll let him live even if he's imperfect. But can't you imagine how attentive she'd be? I can almost hear her saying, on a daily basis, "If I'd have known you'd lose an eye in a fishing mishap, I'd have aborted you."

"Feel the love," as my brother-in-law would say.

Where do people learn this kind of hate?

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