Thursday, April 13, 2006

Don't take my word for it.
so i'm totally hating my job at planned parenthood.� the philosophy behind the mission of planned parenthood is totally incongruent with the way medicine is actually practiced at the affliates i've worked for thus far.� the way the clinics are run is totally not based on patient care.� they seem more based upon volume of patients seen on a daily basis.�

.... this is not the type of care i really want to give to my patients but it essentially is the type of care planned parenthood has molded me into giving; �not only by the managers who are fairly concerned about the�number of patients seen per day as opposed providing excellent care, but also by patients who demand to be seen right then right there right away without any concern for the quality of care that is being taken away from other patients simply because i now have to cut time out of taking care of one patient to see more patients at any given time.

i am truly disheartened by the direction medicine and medical care has gone.� had i known that this was gonna be the type of medicine i was gonna practice i would have chosen a job in research where caring about people doesn't really matter.� ....

and it's funny because i thought i was just one of the few that felt this way about the way medicine is practiced at planned parenthood but in reality alot of clinicians at the riverside/san diego affliate and the orange/san bernardino affliate feel the same way.� we are bullied by management into practicing fast paced bare minimal medicine.� and this i learn to be truer and truer every moment i work for planned parenthood, as i talk to more and more of my colleagues.� ....

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