Saturday, April 08, 2006

Wichita coverage going downhill

Recent coverage in the Wichita Eagle of the drive for justice for Christin remains lackluster. If anything, it's gotten worse. I've sent another email to the reporter in question:
Dear Mr. Finger,

I realize that you're under constraint by your editor, but I am disappointed that the coverage of her death isn't looking into the questions that remain unanswered:

1. What medical problem did Christin supposedly have that necessitated a third-trimester, post-viability abortion?
2. Who was the physician who concurred with Tiller that it would be safer to take Christin out-of-state to perform a three-day outpatient procedure, rather than to admit her to a fully-equipped hospital for a c-section that could have terminated her allegedly health-endangering pregnancy within an hour?

One would not gather from your most recent articles that there was any question of the propriety of Tiller's choices regarding this vulnerable young woman.

Christina Dunigan

Again, why is nobody in the MSM even asking these obvious questions?

Don't answer that. I already know. When your job is to do PR for the abortion lobby, disguising it as journalism, you're not about to rock the boat by asking tough questions or looking under suspicious rocks.

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