Sunday, April 16, 2006

Kilgore Trout, where are you?

WorldNetDaily: Suicide-clinic entrepreneur:
Depressed? 'We never say no'

The founder of Dignitas -- a Zurich, Switzerland, clinic that assists those with illnesses end their lives -- says he wants to open a chain of 'suicide clinics in other countries to give everyone, including the mentally ill, the 'the choice of a choice.'

Which book was it, Breakfast of Champions?, in which Kurt Vonnegut had Kilgore Trout write a story about safe, clean suicide clinics where people could go to die?

And this is just taking the abortion mentality to its logical conclusion. If you have a right to choose death for somebody else, surely you have the right to choose death for yourself, right? And we start with "hard cases", then move to just "the right to choose" for one and all.

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