Friday, April 07, 2006

Abortion enthusiasts work to protect the business

My choice, His life

The so-called "Freedom of Choice Act" is back. According to its supporters, "FOCA will secure the right to choose by establishing a federal law that will guarantee reproductive freedom for future generations of American women."

1. Abortion is not reproductive freedom! It is an act that stops reproduction dead in its tracks, and I doubt that most of the women undergoing it feel particularly free when they're climbing on the abortion table. It is one of my pet peeves when abortion-industry toadies call abortion "reproductive freedom." It's as if a bunch of Klansmen were going around touting their work in favor of "inter-racial respect and harmony."

Now that that's off my chest:

2. Anybody who thinks that preserving the current abortion industry in America is doing a favor to women is woefully ill-informed. Abortion-industry toadies are the most guilty of putting the unborn ahead of the born of all people. They sacrifice the well-being, health, and lives of living, breathing women in order to preserve their Utopian vision of ... I dunno, what kind of Utopia is founded upon abortion? Yuck!

They're so enamored of their vision of "future generations of women" gaily dancing into the abortion clinic, garlands in their hair, stewing rose petals and accompanied by Gaelic harp players, that they are oblivious of the women gasping out their last breaths in safe-n-legal abortion mills.

So! Two pet peeves in one short paragraph! I get the anti-reproduction people proclaiming their love of "reproductive freedom" and the attitude that women alive today are just grist for the abortion mill, all in one compact place.

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