Thursday, April 06, 2006

Blog roundup - Mostly cluelessness (and that's a charitable assessment)

This LJ user uses the petition for justice for Christin to claim prolifers want people to die. (Allegedly we're all Willie Warmongers who delight in strafing Iraqi children.) Well, we can look at Christin Gilbert as at least one person whose life we tried in vain to save. I pointed out that legalization was allegedly pursued to protect women like Christin, but it instead protects quacks like Tiller.

I can understand that if asked to choose between the mother and the fetus, a prochoicer will choose the mother every time. But this person, like so many others espousing "choice," backs the abortionist, even if he kills his patient.

So much for "pro-woman."


Another LJ user smirks that she trumped the GAP-tender by telling about her grandmother's friend who bled to death from a botched abortion when it was illegal. Of course, it's much better to bleed to death from a legal abortion!


Yet another LJ user is supposed to be debating abortion in history class. Since she's "of course fighting for the right to abortion", she's "looking up roe v. wade and shit like that." And I can't think of a better word than "shit" to describe Roe vs. Wade.


Capitol Annex whines that "low-income Texas women will soon find it even more difficult to get access to reproductive healthcare". But, of course, the only limits are getting taxpayers to pony up for contraception and abortion which, duh, are by definition anti-reproduction. Not a word of complaint about access to prenatal care or obstetric services. Why do they say "reproductive" when they mean "to keep from reproducing"? Is there any other movement that calls itself the opposite of what it stands for? The NRA doesn't stand for "firearms avoidance". MADD doesn't call its projects "inebriated automotive operation facilitation". Can you think of any examples?


The 300 Dollar Wonder calls the petition for justice for Christin a "sort of glorified 'mob with pitchforks' justice". Another voice saying that there should be no ill consequences for abortionists, ever, with no exceptions, not ever for the life of the mother.


Shakespeare's Sister hopes the Dems' new strategy on abortion gains more support for "choice." I suggested that putting women's lives ahead of abortionists' prosperity might be a good start. Fat chance of seeing that, though, since the Dems are too busy attacking CPCs to have any energy left to go after lethal quacks.


Tennessee Guerilla Women is back with calls for abortion funds for women in states where women lack the Blue State enthusiasm for abortion. Well, at least they're shelling out their own money to pay quacks to vacuum out frightened women, instead of demanding that the taxpayers give cash to abortionists who are exploiting women's isolation and despair. I didn't bother commenting, myself, because last time I commented there the banshees started screaming the same old same old about how legal abortion is ever-so-nice and ever-so-safe and how they're the vanguard protecting women from "back alley butchers."

Would that abortionists were as effective at removing Lefties' heads from their butts as they are at removing fetuses from their wombs! But then, where would the profit be in that?


Prezzie has only just been introduced to the Christin Gilbert case, and needs to be brought up to speed. Be gentle. She's pro-choice but does seem to have genuine concern for Christin, which makes her stand out like a petunia in an onion patch. Here's what I told her:
Perzzie, the rape took place in Texas, and the fatal abortion in Kansas.

As soon as word of Christin's tragedy broke, Texas authorities started an investigation into the rape. They even subpoenaed Tiller. So the authorities in Texas are doing their job. They're looking into who it was that raped Christin and how he managed to get away with it.

However, in Kansas, the governor gets huge chunks of campaign cash from Tiller, and she appointed most of the medical board that investigated him, so there is a clear conflict of interest.

Tiller told the medical board that he had a second physician that verified that the abortion (at 28 weeks -- a full month past fetal viability) was necessary to "preserve" Christin's "life or health." But nobody has said what condition Chrisin had that necessitated a third-trimester, post-viability abortion. I've read her autopsy report and aside from the fatal sepsis, she had evidently been in good health.

If there was some danger to her health, a c-section could have been performed safely in any number of hospitals near Christin's home. If she had some pregnancy complication that required an abortion, why in the world drive her past any number of hospitals where her pregnancy could have been safely terminated via c-section within an hour? Why take her out-of-state to have a procedure done on an outpatient basis, with her spending most of her time in a motel room with no medical supervision?

What we're seeing is politics putting the freedom and prosperity of a politically-connected doctor ahead of the life of a vulnerable young woman. And you don't need to be against abortion to have a problem with that. In fact, one would think that the pro-choice would be even more outraged than the pro-life, since after all the reason abortion was legalized was to prevent the sort of needless death that Christin suffered.

At any rate, that's why there's a petition drive to investigate the abortionist but not one to investigate the rapist. The rapist is being sought, and there is every sign that he will be identified and brought to justice. But he's not the one who killed this young woman. That man got off scott-free. And that is just wrong.

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