Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Judicial victory for Kansas perverts

Operation Rescue - Blog Archive - Federal Judge Creates New Protections for Child Rapists
Wichita, KS -- Federal Court Judge J. Thomas Marten ruled yesterday that the reporting of sexual activity in girls aged 15 and under should be discretionary, and prohibited enforcement of the mandatory aspects of a Kansas child rape reporting law.

The ruling came in the Aid for Women v. Foulston case brought by Kansas abortionists and other pro-abortion social workers and health providers asking for exemption from reporting child sexual abuse in underage girls, in the interest of protecting their "privacy".

In other words, it's up to the abortionist who is making money from the girl's continued abuse to decide whether or not to report it.

I have this in my files on Aid for Women, the abortion facility that won the judge's favor:

K.P. alleged that she underwent an October 29, 1992 abortion by Knarr at his Aid for Women. Knarr failed to complete the abortion. K. experienced pain and bleeding. She submitted to a second abortion by Knarr on November 5 but continued to suffer pain and bleeding. K contacted Knarr 12 days later, and was advised to seek care elsewhere. A third physician K visited in January of 1993 noted discharged, and a multiple bacterial infection. This doctor admitted K to the hospital, where an ultrasound revealed "a foreign object in the uterine cavity." The doctor removed the object. Articles indicate that because Knarr had lost hospital privileges over the Toby C. case (below), he was unable to perform a laparoscopy and treat K himself. (Topeka Capital-Journal 6-93; Kansan 6-25-93; Topeka Capital-Journal 6-22-93)

Toby C., age 20, alleged that she submitted to an abortion by Joseph Walter Manley May 10, 1991 at Aid for Women. She suffered a lacerated uterus and cervix, causing hemorrhage. After an unnecessary delay, Aid for Women staff arranged a transfer to hospital by ambulance. Toby underwent follow-up surgery by William Malcom Knarr, who ran Aid for Women, at the hospital; she was transfused with 22 units of blood. Knarr reportedly observed Toby 2 hours after surgery, then "at the urging of nurses in attendance" transferred Toby to the ICU, and left the premises. Toby's condition worsened, but the hospital was unable to contact Knarr for 8 hours. Finally they contacted an associate of Knarr, who referred Toby's care to the hospital's Ob/Gyn consultant. This was fortunate for Toby. The consultant discovered that Knarr had sewn Toby's cervix shut. Sadly, Toby required an emergency hysterectomy. Knarr reportedly denied culpability, saying "I didn't perform the abortion. I didn't perform the hysterectomy. My actions had nothing to contribute with the outcome in that case." Knarr reportedly indicated that he failed to obtain an Ob/Gyn consult due to fear of litigation. Toby's suit faulted Knarr and the clinic with failure to properly supervise and train Manley. (Topeka Capital-Journal 3-22-92; Topeka Capital-Journal 6-19-93; Wyandotte County District Court Case No. 93C2142)

Am affidavit of a former employee states that a16-year-old girl's mother called "in tears" after the girl's abortion, stating that Knarr had "torn up" the girl's uterus and that as a result she suffered fever, hospitalization, and sterility. (Affidavit of S.M. dated 10-22-92)

Is Knarr still running that show? I have more on him. And by the way -- prepare to be shocked -- Knarr was listed as a member on the National Abortion Federation 1991 Annual Report.

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